STOPMonitor is the lowest cost, easiest to implement, and most versatile Asset Tracking System available, providing Real-Time Asset Tracking, Geolocation and Data Protection.

STOPMonitor Pro

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Link to Real-Time Asset Management

Real-Time Asset Management

Built on a high-speed framework that makes it possible to collect “to-the-minute” views of all of your organization’s computer assets. Allows total control of situations with the ability to reliably, instantly, and reversibly, send defense instructions to at-risk machines. More

Link to Enhanced Geolocation

Enhanced Geolocation

Registered devices can be reliably found with STOPMonitor Pro’s Enhanced Geolocation tracking approach. Uses the best available signals to combine location information from cell towers,WiFi triangulation, GPS, and public IP databases to pinpoint a missing computer to within 100 feet. More

Link to Bootlock


STOPMonitor Pro can disable startup of protected machines immediately and lock out all ability to restart without a newly issued password from the administrator. Computers can be set to automatically restart and lock if they don’t go online for a preset number of days. More

Link to Enterprise Console

Enterprise Console

The central control of STOPMonitor’s web-based Enterprise Console lets administrators check computer status and manage security from any desk. Connect to every device via the web, instantly collect and report asset management data and issue data protection commands. More

Link to Reversible Encryption

Reversible Encryption

At the first sign of risk, administrators can remotely and reversibly encrypt information on a managed computer. Data is not erased, so administrators can’t be wrong for taking instant action. If devices are recovered, reversible encryption eliminates data loss consequences. More

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