STOPMonitor Pro

Real-Time Asset Management

Real-Time Asset Management - Track in real-time and react to what is happening now, not yesterday.

Real-time Asset Management provides administrators the ability to see across the organization to understand and control constantly changing situations.

STOP Monitor Pro Real Time Asset TrackingSTOPMonitor Pro provides administrators simple, real-time, asset management. Incorporating the same robust communications architecture used by Google talk and the Apple iCall server, it seamlessly connects to every mobile computer asset in the organization. Reacting to a day-old snapshot is a thing of the past with real-time reporting. An indispensable aid to productivity and to an administrator’s due diligence, STOPMonitor Pro provides them power to instantly deliver the information CEOs expect them to know.

STOP Monitor Pro real time asset management enterprise screenSimple to install, or available as a pre-installed option by contacting STOP, STOPMonitor Pro works in the background to collect and report both hardware and software configuration information. STOPMonitor additionally reports what machines are connected online as well as who is using them and where they are in Real Time. Real-time access means that instead of taking action on information from earlier in the day or even yesterday, , administrators can use STOPMonitor’s integrated data protection tools to react immediately to maintain control over compromised equipment or intellectual property, the moment a threat is perceived.