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STOP Security Plate

Installation for STOP Security Plate

How does it work?


Manuals, Tutorials, and Videos

STOP Security Plates in Action Video

How to install the Standard Size STOP Security Plate (PDF)

How to install the Small STOP Security Plate (PDF)

Video: How to install the STOP Security Plate


Technical Specifications

STOP Security Plate Technical Specifications

STOPLock Technical Specifications


Frequently Asked Questions - STOP Security Plates

What makes STOP unique?

What are the STOP Security Plate dimensions?

Do you offer a small sized STOP Plate for PDAs, Digital Cameras or other small devices?

Does the STOP Security Plate System use "stealth" software, GPS or similar electronic tools to trace lost or stolen equipment?

Is there an annual renewal fee or are there other service charges?

What does the STOP Security Plate kit include?

Is my STOP anti-theft and recovery service transferable to another item?

How does STOP protect my privacy?

Are STOP Security Plates available for home and personal use?

How do I order STOP Security Plates?

How do I install the STOP Security Plates on my equipment?

Do I have to use the Tattoo Activating Gel when installing STOP Security Plates?

Do I have to clean the surface with the Alcohol Cleaning Swab?

Can I use my equipment immediately after installing a STOP Plate?

How do I register my STOP Security Plate?

How do I notify STOP of changes to my contact information?

Can I remove a STOP Security Plate from equipment?

I just replaced a defective LCD/lid on my laptop, how do I replace the original STOP Security Plate that was on the defective lid?

I'm selling my STOP-tagged equipment. Do I need to notify STOP?

I purchased an item that has the STOP Security Plate on it. Should I remove the Plate?

I'm thinking about selling my equipment protected with STOP Security Plates. Is STOP's anti-theft and recovery service transferable to the new owner?

I am looking to lease computers, can I still use STOP Plates?

I'm a TSA Agent and one of our security agents just recovered a laptop left by a traveler at an airport-screening checkpoint. How do I file a report?

Someone wants to pawn a laptop tagged with a STOP Security Plate. How do I verify it is not stolen goods?

My laptop was stolen. How do I report it?

I lost or misplaced my laptop. How do I report this?

I found a laptop with a STOP Security Plate on it? How do I return it to its rightful owner?