Recovery Stories

22 Feb 2024

Good Samaritan called the STOP 24/7 Hotline to report he found a STOP-tagged laptop on the side of the road in Loveland, CO. The STOP ID shows this device registered to a large corporate enterprise. STOP notified their security team; they send a carton with shipping label to the Good Sam, who is returning the device. Case closed.

9 Feb 2024

Good Samaritan contacted the STOP 24/7 Recovery Hotline by email to report that he found a STOP-tagged laptop belonging to a former employer that had gotten misplaced during disruptions caused by Covid. The STOP ID Number he provided pointed back to his former employer. STOP notified the security team there and they have sent the Good Sam an electronic shipping label to return the laptop. Case closed.

9 Feb 2024

Good Samaritan called the STOP 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report she found a STOP-tagged laptop in her rental car. I explained to the caller that we are unable to identify the owner because he/she did not register the device in the STOP database.
In a follow-up call, the Good Sam explained she found the owner and returned the laptop. Case closed.

25 Jan 2024

Employee notified STOP she lost a company-issued laptop while traveling from Ohio to San Francisco on United Airlines. STOP notified the program administrator at her employer, security team recovered the laptop from the airline. Case closed.

24 Jan 2024

An employee of a corporate enterprise reported that a STOP-tagged Microsoft Surface laptop was lost or stolen. STOP notified the administrator at the enterprise. Laptop was recovered.

19 Jan 2024

Good Samaritan found a laptop in landscape bed along a highway in San Antonio, Texas area. STOP ID Number on Security Plate shows it assigned to a large school district. STOP notified the admin team, who is sending their local police to recover this device. Case closed.

9 Jan 2024

Delta Airlines Lost & Found in Seattle notified the STOP Recovery Hotline that a STOP-tagged laptop was found in unclaimed/lost baggage. The STOP ID Number on the Security Plate pointed to a laptop that had recently been decommissioned by a corporate registrant; unfortunately, the new owner has not yet registered this device, so STOP was unable to assist Delta in recovery.

28 Dec 2023

FedEx Lost & Found agent notified STOP that a STOP-tagged laptop was separated from its carton/label in transit. STOP ID Number points to the registered owner, a large financial institution. STOP notified their IT Security Team. Recovery process is underway.

20 Dec 2023

A STOP-tagged laptop registered to a large corporate enterprise was separated from its shipping label in transit in FedEx system. FedEx agent notified STOP, who identified the registered owner by the STOP ID Number on the security plate that was affixed to the laptop. STOP notified their security team. Recovery process is underway.

13 Dec 2023

Caller purchased two STOP-tagged devices at Walmart refurb site. STOP contacted registered owner, who verified they are free and clear.