Recovery Stories

10 Jan 2022

A STOP-tagged laptop found by whoman who was cleaning out her deceased father's belongings. STOP identified the registered owner by the STOP ID Number provided by the caller and reached out to the owner. Recovery process is underway.

4 Jan 2022

Caller interested in buying a ThinkPaD on eBay, verifying ownership. STOP identified the owner by the STOP ID that was provided by the caller and reached out to the registered owner, who confirmed this decommissioned device was free and clear for resale.

4 Jan 2022

A Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 toll-free to report that he received a shipment containing a STOP-tagged laptop that was apparently intended for another recipient. STOP identified the device as registered to a large corporate enterprise. The IT team intended to ship the device to a company engineer, but the delivery address was incorrect. STOP notified the security administrator and the IT team is working with the Good Samaritan to retrieve the device.

14 Dec 2021

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Hotline to report that while settling his deceased sister's estate he found a STOP-tagged laptop that is registered to her former employer, a university based in Canada. STOP notified the administrator at the university and recovery is underway.

17 Nov 2021

Manager at a storage facility in Georgia called STOP to verify ownership of a STOP-tagged laptop that was left in an abandoned storage unit with back rent due. STOP tried several times, unsuccessfully, to reach a staffer at the college interested in verifying ownership or recovering the laptop. STOP released the device as free and clear to the storage unit manager.

11 Nov 2021

Laptop found at a public works facility in IL. Owner is making arrangements to get it back.

11 Nov 2021

An iPad registered to a California-based university student was found in a supermarket in Fort Collins, Colorado. Store manager called STOP to notify, and STOP identified the registered owner in the registration database and left a message for the owner. Awaiting ownership status, recovery is pending.

1 Nov 2021

An employee left a company-owned laptop on a shuttle bus at St. Louis Airport. It was recovered by airport police, who notified STOP on our 24/7 Recovery Hotline. STOP identified the registered owner - a large energy services company - by the STOP ID Number provided by airport police and notified the administrator. Recovery process is underway!

20 Oct 2021

Delta Lost & Found called STOP’s 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report they have a STOP-tagged laptop that was apparently lost by the user during travel and turned over to them. The STOP ID Number on the Security Plate enabled STOP to quickly identify the registered owner, a large multi-national corpration, and notify their securty team. Recovery process is underway.

19 Oct 2021

24/7 Recovery Hotline to inquire about ownership status on a STOP-tagged iMac that was given to him by a friend. The STOP ID Number provided by the caller shows this old device still registered to a school district in Massachusetts. STOP notified the school admin who advised that the device has been decommissioned and is available for re-registration by the caller.