About Us

STOP (Security Tracking of Office Property) has been in the business of securing laptops, projectors, smart phones, PDAs, and myriad other portable devices since 1990.
Our philosophy is that security does not have to be difficult or expensive and all STOP products are designed to provide our clients with the peace of mind that true security brings, for a price that cannot be matched.
We understand that because portable electronic devices are specifically designed to travel with us, they are uniquely vulnerable to loss or theft. We also know that beyond the physical device, the data they hold can be so important that loss or unwanted exposure could be catastrophic. We believe that security should begin with an understanding of how devices are deployed, backed by strong deterrence, tracking, and finally electronic protection of data. In combination, from asset management and deterrence, to tracking and data security, STOP products are the perfect blend of comprehensive protections and cost-effectiveness.
STOP was the first to introduce the STOP Security Plate system, based on U.S. and international patents. Today, millions of items in the U.S. and many millions more throughout the world are protected by STOP products. 
The U.S. headquarters of STOP are located in Norwalk, Connecticut with an international network of offices in Europe, and Latin America and a wide range of partners and OEMs.
Partner and OEMS
STOP has partnered with many of the world's leading hi-tech equipment manufacturers, resellers and insurers. 
Contact us today to learn how you can become a STOP partner. Incorporating our patented security system will enhance your product offerings and build your client base.
To have STOP installed at the factory on your organization's new equipment, request coordination by your STOP account executive when purchasing from:
We partner with Apple, Dell, and HP Computers