STOPMonitor Pro

Enhanced Geolocation

Enhanced Geolocation - Find devices in real-time with IP-based geolocation - the moment they go online.

To deliver the most reliable location tracking for mobile devices, multiple transmission signals are collected to provide unparalleled accuracy.

Enhanced Geolocation using Multi-point information collection for precise locationTo better track assets, Enhanced Geolocation is built into STOPMonitor Pro. Because GPS signal strength and location reliability vary greatly depending on whether in a “clear sky” rural environment or in an urban area with tall buildings, STOPMonitor uses a multi-point information collection approach that provides the most precise location information possible regardless of the current environment.

Tracking accuracy is significantly improved over single input tracking by collecting from each monitored mobile device a combination of the raw data from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi triangulation, cell tower positioning information, and the location data extracted from public IP databases. STOP Monitor Pro utilizes multi-point information collection including wi-fi triangulation - cell tower triangulation - and GPSThrough a patented algorithm that combines the output of all of these data sources, the information is analyzed and transmitted to a leading location server then, in the event that additional detail is needed, is sent back to a dedicated location server. The best available location confidence is reported and managed devices can be tracked with precision to within 100 feet of their location on a detailed map display.