STOP Monitor Pro

STOP Monitor Pro

price per unit
Price includes STOP Security Plates, 1 year STOP Monitor Pro Subscription and lifetime use of the Anti-Theft Hotline, the Retrieval Hotline Recovery Service and STOPMonitor Standard
A minimum order of at least 10 is required.

Product Details

Monitor ProSTOPMonitor is the most affordable, easiest to implement and most versatile Asset Tracking System available, providing Real-Time Asset Tracking, Geolocation System and Data Protection.

Manage, Maintain, Defend, Locate and Protect all your IT assets with STOPMonitor Pro. Using the latest high-end technologies, StopMonitor Pro provides a complete protection system with these complementary capabilities:


  • Real-Time Asset Management 
  • Enterprise Console
  • Geolocation via IP Address
  • Enhanced Geolocation (WiFi Triangulation)
  • Reversible Encryption
  • Bootlock


Real-Time Asset Management and Secure Communication for All Your Devices

The STOPMonitor Web-based Enterprise Console can support up to 1,000,000 Windows-based devices, within a single account. Communication between the Enterprise Console and the agent installed on the protected device is always private and secure. The agent and the STOPMonitor Enterprise Console use SSL protocols in combination with 1024-bit RSA key-protected communications. With STOPMonitor your data is always protected and safe.

STOPMonitor Pro License Terms to Match Your Needs:

1-Year license per protected device.
3-Year license per protected device.

Easy Installation Procedure

Installing STOPMonitor Pro is quite simple and requires only two steps. Do not hesitate to contact the STOP Team during the installation process, and we will be happy to assist you.

1: STOP Creates Your STOPMonitor Pro Account. You Create Your Own Password
After you have ordered STOPMonitor Pro, STOP will create your account using the administrator email address you have provided to us. The designated administrator will then receive an email with directions to create a chosen password. Only designated administrators have control over the STOPMonitor functions.


2. The STOPMonitor Agent Installation
After creating a unique and secure password, the administrator can log into the STOPMonitor Pro Web-based Enterprise Console to install the agent on selected devices. STOPMonitor Pro can be installed using these methods:

Interactive installation on each device.

Silent installation and mass deployment via network login scripts or Group Policy.

Disk image installation. The agent installer can be pre-installed as a part of a disk image created by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as value-added-resellers (VARs, or your own enterprise IT team.

Contact STOP for more information on installation methods.