Recovery Stories

9 Sep 2019

A STOP-tagged laptop registered to an organization was found by a Good Samaritan and turned in to Prescott, Ariz. PD, who called STOP to verify ownership. STOP contacted the original registered owner, and is awaiting a disposition on this device.

28 Aug 2019

A company-owned laptop was apparently misplaced by the employee/user at Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Conn. It was found by CT State Police who notified STOP through our Website alert system. STOP notified the registered owner, and recovery process is underway.

23 Aug 2019

An inquirer engaged STOP in a live chat to confirm that the STOP-tagged laptop he purchased in an online auction was free and clear. STOP reached out to the registered owner, a college, and confirmed that this device was decommissioned and legitimately auctioned. STOP enabled the buyer to re-register this device in his name free of charge.

13 Aug 2019

A detective working an embezzlement case called STOP's hotline to verify ownership of a STOP-tagged device. Investigation is underway.

10 Aug 2019

A Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that he found a laptop inside a carry bag in a parking lot in El Cajon, California. STOP identified the registered owner in our registration database and notified the owner.

2 Aug 2019

eBay buyer contacted STOP through live chat to inquire about a STOP-tagged device. STOP notified the registered owner, who confirmed this device has been decommissioned and is free and clear.

25 Jul 2019

iPhone was apparently lost at LAX International Airport, California and found by a Good Samaritan, who turned it in to an airline in one of the terminals. STOP identified the owner in the registration database and notified them with details. Recovery process is underway.

24 Jul 2019
23 Jul 2019

Police officer called STOP's recovery hotline to verify ownership of a STOP-tagged device, which the buyer presented to PD for verification. STOP identified the device by the STOP ID as belonging to a California-based school district and contacted the administrator, who verified that this device was decommissioned and is free and clear.

18 Jul 2019

Laptop left in company conference room. Contacted owner and making arrangements for pickup