Recovery Stories

2 Sep 2020

A laptop belonging to a large enterprise was lost in transit in UPS - label was separated from carton. UPS Lost & Found notified STOP. We identified the registered owner and provided details. Recovery is underway.

25 Aug 2020

Laptop found by US Post Office. Owner has been contacted and is making arrangements to get it back.

9 Aug 2020
24 Jul 2020

A passenger left his STOP-tagged laptop on a flight from New Orleans to Atlanta. Airlines identifed the owner by STOP ID Number, recovery process is underway.

8 Jul 2020

Laptop found at Camp and Conference Center in NJ. Owner has been contacted and will make arrangements to get it back.

7 Jul 2020

A STOP-tagged laptop was found on a campus at a college in New England. Recovery process is underway.

6 Jul 2020

Good Samaritan is returning a STOP-tagged laptop, plus a monitor and docking station that was a assigned to a former employee of the company that owned them.

29 Jun 2020

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report that she found a school-owned laptop in San Antonio, Texas. STOP notified the school administrator and recovery process is underway.

4 Jun 2020

Ipod found by a Good Samaritan. Owner has been contacted and will retrieve it.

21 May 2020

Four laptops from same company found by a landscaping company in Kirkland WA. Owner retrieved them.