Recovery Stories

16 Nov 2022

Laptop found in parking lot in PA. Owner is making arrangements to get it back.

7 Nov 2022

Someone contacted STOP through our Live Chat platform to verify ownership status of a STOP-tagged laptop he purchased at an online auction site. STOP contacted the registered owner, a large medical enterprise,and determined that this device has been decommissioned and is free and clear.

1 Nov 2022

Good Samaritan called STOP’s 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report she found a STOP-tagged laptop hidden in the bushes on the street near her place of business. It may have been stolen and then abandoned after the thief noticed the STOP Security Plate on the laptop. The STOP ID Number on the device indicated it is registered to a large corporate enterprise. STOP notified the administrator at the company and recovery process is underway.

26 Oct 2022

Employee called to report his laptop was found.

26 Oct 2022

A STOP-tagged device was turned over to an IT Analyst at a tech consulting company after it was discovered along with other unused devices. IT tech notified STOP, and we identified the registered owner, a large technology enterprise, and notified the administrator there. The IT tech who discovered this laptop has shipped it back to the registered owner. Case Closed!

25 Oct 2022

A STOP-tagged laptop was mistakenly shipped to the wrong recipient, who notified STOP. We identified the registered owner, a large corporate enterprise and notified the administrator, who sent the Good Sam a UPS return label. Laptop was returned to registered owner. Case closed.

18 Oct 2022

MIT facility manager found a STOP-tagged device in women's locker room and notified STOP through our website. STOP identifed the owner, a former university student, who claims the device was inoperable and is not interested in recovering it.

14 Oct 2022

A passenger left his backpack containing a laptop that was issued by his employer was found on the Long Island Railroad, NYC. LIRR lost & found agent called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline and provided the STOP ID Number of the STOP Security Plate affixed to the laptop. STOP identified the registered owner, a large corporate enterprise, in our database and notified their Security Center Help Desk. Recovery process is underway.

13 Oct 2022

An employee left a company-issued laptop in the rest room at Chicago Midway International Airport. It was found by a Good Samaritan and turned over to airport lost & found, who contacted STOP on our 24/7 Recovery Hotline. STOP notified the security team at the enterprise that issued the laptop. Midway Lost & Found is shipping the laptop back to registered owner. Case closed!

7 Oct 2022

Laptop that was found in road near a hospital in NC has been retrieved by the owner.