STOPMonitor is the lowest cost, easiest to implement, and most versatile Asset Tracking System available, providing Real-Time Asset Tracking, Geolocation and Data Protection.

STOPMonitor Standard

Product Details

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Real-Time Asset Management

STOPMonitor is built on a high-speed framework that makes it possible to collect “to-the-minute” views of every device in your organization. It provides administrators with real-time connection to all monitored assets. Critical information can be updated in seconds. More

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Enterprise Console

STOPMonitor’s Enterprise Console central control capability supports administrators as the management hub of their technology assets, from any desk they choose. Securely connect via the web to reach every device and instantly collect and report asset management data. More

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Geolocation via IP Address

With STOPMonitor, registered devices are located using an IP-address Geolocation tracking approach. This enables administrators to immediately determine if protected devices are connecting from outside their normal operating area by displaying their location on a detailed map. More

STOPMonitor Pro and Standard Comparison

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