STOP Security Plate 10 Pack

STOP Security Plate 10 Pack

price per 10 Pack

Price includes unlimited use of the Anti-Theft Hotline, the Retrieval Hotline Recover Service and STOPMonitor Standard

Product Details

Receive, Install, Register: Your Device is Protected!

The STOP Security Plate works by deterring opportunistic theft. The Security Plate affixes to equipment using a Very High Bond (VHB™) adhesive, marking your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. Extremely difficult to remove, STOP Security Plates provide a clear warning that your machines are registered and monitored.

Receive, Install, Register: Your Device is Protected!


After receiving your STOP Security Plates and installation materials, protect your equipment in two easy steps.

1. Install the STOP Security Plate

Each STOP Security Plate purchase includes materials necessary for installation, including: Instant Adhesive - Tattoo Activating Gel; Red Warning Stickers; Alcohol Cleaning Swabs; Installation Instructions.

Follow the Installation Instructions included in your order.

2. Register Your Equipment

After installing the STOP Security Plate on your equipment, register it in our Security Plate Online Registration System by entering the Brand, Model and Serial Number associated with each STOP ID Number (which is printed below the barcode on the face of the Plate). Optionally, you can also add User- and Location-related info to each registration record. Registering your STOP-tagged equipment with as much information as possible is critical in facilitating the prompt retrieval of your equipment if it is lost or stolen and then recovered. Toll-free recovery hotline numbers are printed on the face of the Plate as well as the "Stolen Property" tattoo that is hidden beneath the Plate, making it easy for law enforcement and Good Samaritans to return equipment to its rightful owner.

STOP’s team maintains the 24/7 toll-free recovery hotline and responds to all calls, regardless of the time of day; STOP does not sub-contract the recovery service.

Factory Installation Option

STOP Security Plates can be pre-installed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Apple, Dell and HP, as well as value-added-resellers (VARs) . This way, your new mobile devices will arrive already protected and pre-registered in the Security Plate Online Registration System. Please contact us if you are interested in factory installation.