Recovery Stories

28 Jun 2001

Found on train on LIRR line. Employee called us to return it.

20 Jun 2001

Was being held by Police as evidence during suspect prosecution. Police in the process of releasing the PC now and called us to find out who the rightful owner is. Gave the Police all the info they need about the owner. They are arranging the return of th

14 Jun 2001

Was found in Albany, NY airport. The lost & found Dept called us to verify ownership and return machine to owner.

7 Jun 2001

Laptop was shipped via FedEx but airbill got lost. FedEx called us to find who the rightful owner is. Contacted the Company in NJ who owns this laptop and they will get in touch with FedEx to get it back.

6 Jun 2001

Found in classroom by teacher. Brought it to Police because they didn't know who it belongs to. Deputy Sheriff called us to verify ownership. Gave name and phone # of rightful owner.

16 May 2001

Laptop was dumped on somebody's frontyard. Owner of house called us and we returned laptop to company who owns it.

11 May 2001

Laptop was found in NJ Transit.

8 May 2001

Atlanta, GA police arrested a suspect for Internet crime; confiscated a laptop marked with STOP Plate, which is owned by a local university.

7 May 2001

Georgia pawn shop called for verification on laptop that someone was trying to pawn for cash. Stopped transaction, because laptop is probably owned by a local university.

3 May 2001

Was left in airplane and found by crew member in Washington DC.