Recovery Stories

7 Sep 2001

Found Palm Pilot in Building Lobby in Stamford, CT.

5 Sep 2001

Found at LAX, Los Angeles, CA Airport by Police Officer.

19 Aug 2001

Found by Police in Baltimore Airport, MD.

2 Aug 2001

Recovered by Police while searching the offices of a company involved in fraudulous activities in Baltimore, MD.

9 Jul 2001

Found in rental car by Hertz Rent a Car employee.

2 Jul 2001

Was shipped via FedEx but no airbill on the case. FedEx called us to find out who owns this laptop and where to ship it. Contacted the Co. who owns this unit and they will go get it back.

28 Jun 2001

Found on train on LIRR line. Employee called us to return it.

20 Jun 2001

Was being held by Police as evidence during suspect prosecution. Police in the process of releasing the PC now and called us to find out who the rightful owner is. Gave the Police all the info they need about the owner. They are arranging the return of th

14 Jun 2001

Was found in Albany, NY airport. The lost & found Dept called us to verify ownership and return machine to owner.

7 Jun 2001

Laptop was shipped via FedEx but airbill got lost. FedEx called us to find who the rightful owner is. Contacted the Company in NJ who owns this laptop and they will get in touch with FedEx to get it back.