Recovery Stories

10 Jul 2000

Found in airplane by flight attendant.

28 Jun 2000

Laptop was left in store by sales representative of National Tobacco Company.

17 Jun 2000

Was left at Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA by guest. Front desk called us . Owner has been contacted and machine picked up within 24 hours.

15 Jun 2000

Briefcase was left along side of the road in Albuquerque

14 Jun 2000

Unit was sent for repair at Gateway Repair Center. Gateway cannot get in touch with the person. Called us; Unit was actually stolen from a student in a Georgia School a few months ago.

13 Jun 2000

Unit was dropped off for repair in a repair store. Store called us because they cannot reach the owner. Owner was immediately contacted by our services.

8 Jun 2000

Unit was shipped via FedEx. Airbill got lost. FedEx Lost & Found called us to identify owner.

5 Jun 2000

Police arrested a burglar in Santa Ana, CA. They found several laptops in his possession. One of them was tagged with a S.T.O.P. Tag. Owner has been contacted.

31 May 2000

Found by NorthWest Airlines Employee at World Club Lounge in Minneapolis Airport.

26 May 2000

FedEx lost the Airbill during shipping. Their Lost & Found Dept called us to identify owner of unit.