Bulloch Security Tag

Bulloch Security Tag


Product Details

STOP Security Tags work by deterring opportunistic theft. Our patented system is a warning and security Tag that affixes to equipment using Very High Bond (VHB™) adhesive. They clearly mark your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. Extremely difficult to remove, STOP Security Tags provide clear warning that your machine is registered and monitored.

STOP Security Tags include the protection of a chemically-bonded tattoo beneath, stating "Stolen Property", and high-visibility stickers to deter casual "walk-away" theft.Your ability to legally transfer your equipment is unhindered, but if it is ever stolen, the prominent display of the plate or the tattoo completely eliminates illicit resale value. Even a determined thief cannot remove this tattoo and its presence is impossible to explain to potential purchasers.


Beyond theft deterrence, STOP Security Tags help to dramatically reduce administrative workloads while improving equipment security and tracking. The core of the lowest-cost, easiest-to-implement asset tracking system available, barcodes on each plate provide the unique serialization needed for tagged devices to integrate into either the STOP Security Tag Online Registration System or, into our real-time asset management system, STOPMonitor.

The value of STOP Security Tags continues beyond deterrence and management. If equipment does go missing, each plate is marked with a unique registration number, a 24-hour toll-free recovery hotline number is on both tag and tattoo, as well as a website address. As illustrated by our many retrieval stories, these help rescue stolen or lost laptops as well as provide an easy way for finders or thieves to "do the right thing". The result is a dramatic increase in the incidence of recovery for STOP Security Plate equipped devices.



Standard-sized security tags are easy to affix to laptops and other full-sized devices and can be pre-installed and accurately registered in the STOPMonitor asset management system as part of equipment orders from Dell, HP, and Apple, as well as Value Added Resellers (VARs). Ordering pre-installed means your new equipment will arrive under STOP protection from the very first day.