Recovery Stories

22 Feb 2017

A university-owned library loaner laptop was reported lost/stolen by student end-user in Salem, OR; then was found by a colleague and returned to the end-user and university library.

16 Feb 2017

An employee left his company-owned laptop at checkpoint Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC. It was recovered by TSA, who notified STOP. STOP notified registered owner, and recovery is underway.

8 Feb 2017

A company-owned laptop was left by an employee at the TSA checkpoint at Houston International Airport, Texas. TSA notified STOP, who notified registered owner. Recovery process is under way.

3 Feb 2017

An employee left a company-owned laptop at TSA Checkpoint in Midland Odessa Airport, Texas. Company has been notified, recovery process is underway.

31 Jan 2017

Laptop found at the National Alamo car rental at Raleigh Durham Airport. Owner has retrieved it.

25 Jan 2017

A school-owned laptop was found on the road by a Good Samaritan in Lakeland, FL. STOP notified registered owner, verification is underway.

24 Jan 2017

Security officer at an office building in Short Hills, NJ called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that he found a laptop in building parking lot. Laptop belongs to a company, and was likely lost by an employee. STOP notified company, recovery process is underway.

20 Jan 2017

A retired employee of a company found his former employer's laptop in a closet, called STOP to notify he wants to return it. STOP notified registered owner, awaiting status.

20 Jan 2017

A employee had is company-owned accidently swapped by another passenger while flying into Newark International Airport. Other traveler called STOP to notify of accidental swap. STOP notified the registered owner of the swapped laptop, recovery process is underway.

9 Jan 2017

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that he found a laptop in a recycle bin in Washington, D.C. area. STOP notified the registered owner. Verification of ownership and recovery process is underway.