Holiday Travel Device Safety

24 Nov 2014

Keeping your devices safe during travel season

It’s nearing the end of November, meaning peak travel season is approaching.  Happily (or…begrudgingly) people take this time to travel to see family, many of them flying.  During this time we thought that since we were in the business of keeping your devices safe, we’d share out tips for making sure the only thing you lost traveling this holiday season is your sanity.  
First things first, tagging your devices with STOP Security Plates will help ensure that even if something goes missing, you have a much better chance of getting it back.  The 24/7 Toll-free Recovery Hotline Number printed on our STOP Security Plates makes it easy for the TSA, a cab company, law enforcement, or a Good Samaritan to call to confirm ownership and set up a way for your property to be returned, instead of sitting forever in a lost and found.  That lost and found is not an empty place either. A study done by Credent Tech found at 7 of the busiest airports in the U.S. 8,016 devices were left behind between July 2011 and June 2012.  44% were laptops, and 43% were smartphones or tablets.
As you travel, you always hear how you need to allow enough time for security checks.  However, ensuring you have enough time also will help you lower your stress and the amount you need to rush.  When you can take your time progressing through security you can focus on keeping all your bags and devices with you, not running the chance of leaving something behind.  In fact, the majority of devices end up in TSA lost and found rooms. 
Use a bag, but maybe not a full blown computer bag.  One does not have to wonder much what is in a laptop bag.  Try stashing your laptop or tablet in a briefcase, backpack, or other bag with a laptop specific pocket, but with a design that doesn’t scream “There’s a laptop in here!!”.  Something that should be left out of that bag, is passwords and log-in info.  In the event that a less than moral person decides to keep your found property, make it useless to them.  This is also preventable with STOPMonitor real-time asset tracking system software.  STOPMonitor allows you to lock down your computer remotely the instant you realize it is missing, or, you can have it automatically lock down if it has not connected to the internet in a predetermined amount of time. 
Finally, keep your devices with you.  Even if you’re just running to the news stand, bring your bag with you.  While you’re enduring the 2nd hour of your flight’s delay, keep your bag against your leg, or under your arm, so you will always know it’s there, also preventing anyone from casually walking by and grabbing it.  
Hopefully everyone will get to their destinations with all your devices, to either fill up with photos of family and friends, or, to use as a distraction from family and friends. 
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