STOP Security Plates

Effective theft prevention, asset management and equipment recovery.



End-to-end administration, security and tracking for computer assets.


From single users through the enterprise, the fully-integrated, comprehensive security approach to cost-effective asset management and protection.

Recent Recovery Stories


2 days ago
15 Apr 2014

Laptop stolen from employee's residence in Houston, TX in January, 2014. In March, STOP captured the IP Address of someone inquiring about this device, and provided the tracing info to the company-owner. Investigators found and recovered the laptop based

14 Apr 2014

Lost or Stolen laptop turned into Library Lost & Found at a university in Chicago, IL. Campus police notified, and will arrange return of the laptop to the registered owner.

14 Apr 2014

Good Samaritan called STOP hotline to report that her children found a laptop in a schoolyard in Spokane Valley, WA. STOP notified the owner, who will retrieve the laptop.

12 Apr 2014

Laptop found abandoned in a vacant apartment in Washington, D.C. Owner notified, awaiting verification of ownership.

9 Apr 2014

Caller purchased STOP-tagged laptop in liquidation sale, called STOP to verify ownership status. STOP contacted registered owner and verified free and clear. Caller will re-register the device with STOP free of charge.

7 Apr 2014

Good Samaritan called to report that a family member abandoned a laptop at his residence. Belongs to school district. Administrator notified, awaiting verification of ownership.

28 Mar 2014

Laptop found in front of a cleaners in Uvalde, TX. Owner has been notified.

25 Mar 2014

Company-owned laptop left by employee at Miami airport, recovered by TSA. Owner notified, and has retrieved the laptop.

21 Mar 2014

Laptop found while cleaning a building in Wichita KS. Owner has been notified and will make arrangements to get it back.

21 Mar 2014

Company-owned laptop left at checkpoint at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston Texas. TSA notified STOP, who contacted the owner, who will retrieve the laptop.

20 Mar 2014

Laptop turned in to Jackson County Sheriff, Tennessee, who called STOP to verify ownership. STOP notified owner, who verified this item is free and clear, they no longer own it.

12 Mar 2014

School-owned laptop left by student at McCarren Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, recovered by TSA Lost & Found. School notified and will retrieve laptop.

What They’re Saying

My laptop was stolen when my car was burglarized as my wife and I were passing through Oklahoma City. The crooks took everything we had in our backseat. Fortunately, I had affixed a STOP Plate when I originally purchased my laptop. After I had discovered the burglary, I called STOP to report my laptop stolen. Not more than an hour later, I received a phone call from STOP (Brad) informing me that the perpetrators had discarded my laptop when they discovered the STOP Plate. Someone had found my laptop and called the number to report the laptop found. Brad gave me the person's contact info and I was able to get in touch and retrieve my laptop. I was ecstatic because the laptop was the most expensive item that was stolen and the information on the hard drive was very important to me. The STOP Plate really works and I plan to recommend it to my friends. Thank you STOP for providing the great service! - Nicholas (End User)
I am a true believer in STOP. - Lyne Denis Investigator – Preventionist Concordia University Montreal, Quebec Canada
Used with other means of security, such as stealth tracking software or file encryption and/or password and biometrics authentication, STOP could be the final element to an agency's security system. - Side bar - STOP Laptop Theft

What We're Up To

21 Apr 2013
STOP tags are tamper-proof security plates with a barcode and indelible tattoo. The tags are pre-printed with information that ownership of the property is permanently monitored.
6 Apr 2013
The STOP label acts as a theft deterrent ¬– removing it reveals a “stolen property” tattoo burned into the case¬ – but the service might be most valuable as an easy way for honest folks to return a lost laptop.
24 Jan 2013

Netbooks are useful, convenient portable computers that are also unfortunately a prime target for thieves. Their small size makes them easy to snatch and pocket away, as well as easy to lose, and often these devices can easily be sold on the black market. If you keep business documents and important files on your netbook, you'll want to be able to track it if it goes missing.