STOP Security Plates

Effective theft prevention, asset management and equipment recovery.



End-to-end administration, security and tracking for computer assets.


Laptop and mobile theft prevention and recovery.

From single users through the enterprise, the fully-integrated, comprehensive security approach to cost-effective asset management and protection.

Recent Recovery Stories


1 week ago
17 Jan 2015

Louisville International Airport Police called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that they found a laptop and personal belongings that were left at airport terminal. STOP identified in the registration database the company that owned this laptop and notified them. Company notified the employee who left the items at the airport. Recovery process is under way.

6 Jan 2015

Good Samaritan found laptop in Longmont CO. Owner has been contacted and is making arrangements to get it back.

31 Dec 2014

Laptop found on street by Good Samaritan in Torrance, Calif. Owner notified, will retrieve laptop.

22 Dec 2014

School-owned laptop discovered by a Good Samaritan working at a recycling center in Belton, Missouri. Appears to have been stolen from the school, then discarded by the thief. Laptop was damaged and irreparable. STOP notified the school, investigation is under way.

8 Dec 2014

Laptop was recovered by the New Castle PA Police Dept. The laptop had been stolen from a car in Sept.

2 Dec 2014

Good Samaritan called STOP to report found a laptop with no STOP Plate or Tattoo, but only our red warning label with our phone number. STOP obtained serial number from caller and found laptop in system registered to a school district in Virginia. STOP confirmed with the school district that this laptop was decommissioned and no longer owned by the school district. The new owner, if any, did not re-register the device with STOP, so STOP was unable to advise the Good Samaritan that the device was free and cl

1 Dec 2014

Laptop that was left on a train in Chicago was found by Amtrak and they are shipping the laptop to the user.

18 Nov 2014

Laptop found in vehicle in Anderson SC. Owner is making arrangements to get it back.

17 Nov 2014

School-owned laptop found by Good Samaritan on a campus in Houston, Texas and notified STOP, who notified owner. Laptop is being recovered by owner.

14 Nov 2014

Company-owned laptop found by Good Samaritan on commuter rail train in Portland, Oregon. STOP notified owner, awaiting confirmation of recovery.

13 Nov 2014

Laptop found at a coffee shop in Hillcrest CA. Owner has been contacted.

12 Nov 2014

Coordinating the return of a laptop
left at a security checkpoint in San Francisco, CA.

What They’re Saying

The Stop system continues to be a critical part of our security and asset management process for mobile devices. It’s one of the simplest, and most effective, tracking solutions we've ever deployed. - John Merritt SVP/CIO YMCA Of San Diego County
My laptop was stolen when my car was burglarized as my wife and I were passing through Oklahoma City. The crooks took everything we had in our backseat. Fortunately, I had affixed a STOP Plate when I originally purchased my laptop. After I had discovered the burglary, I called STOP to report my laptop stolen. Not more than an hour later, I received a phone call from STOP (Brad) informing me that the perpetrators had discarded my laptop when they discovered the STOP Plate. Someone had found my laptop and called the number to report the laptop found. Brad gave me the person's contact info and I was able to get in touch and retrieve my laptop. I was ecstatic because the laptop was the most expensive item that was stolen and the information on the hard drive was very important to me. The STOP Plate really works and I plan to recommend it to my friends. Thank you STOP for providing the great service! - Nicholas (End User)
Since implementing the STOP solution, the loss rate of our laptops dropped from an average of three per year to zero. We haven't experienced a single loss since the introduction of your product. The STOP plates proved to be an easy solution to a costly problem. - Keith Rickles - Regional IT Manager - Lehigh Cement Southern Division
We are very pleased thus far with the STOP program. We intend to continue to use the product and expand upon it… Please feel free to add us to your website client list. - Gregory M. Steeber - Technology Coordinator - Belle Vernon Area School District
STOP is working well for us. STOP along with other procedures implemented has eliminated theft and loss. Our users have become intimidated by the plate and therefore respect the equipment and the policies. It's been great. - Pat Hansen - Director of Information Technology - Marymount Manhattan College
After experiencing laptop thefts from our offices, we turned to STOP to remedy the problem. We hoped that putting the STOP Security Plate on our equipment would make them less likely to be stolen. The number of thefts dropped to zero shortly after installing the plates on 2000 laptops. It really is a visible deterrent. - Robert Doyle - Project Leader - UST Inc.
You guys are fantastic. Everything has gone so smoothly and you nearly bent over backwards for me. Thanks so much for everything - you are a perfect example of wonderful customer service. - Chad M. Stone - Information Technology - Lehigh Cement Company
No laptop should be without one. - Simson Garfinkel - as quoted in Web Security, Privacy & Commerce with Gene Spafford, published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Good news... my laptop was returned! My friend said the laptop reappeared in his suite. I have to conclude the thief chickened out on the laptop due to the STOP Security Plate, but kept the cords and such because none of it had any kind of identification. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Truly, STOP saved a lot of important files and also my personal sanity. It was among the best 25-dollar purchases I've ever made. - Abe Riesman - Student - Harvard University
The STOP Team is Awesome! I wanted to give a big THANKS for helping us with setting up our registration database as well as the great support that you've always given us. Thanks a million to Isabelle & Doug. - Dao Khemthongsengsay - Allied Waste Industries, Inc.
I am a true believer in STOP. - Lyne Denis Investigator – Preventionist Concordia University Montreal, Quebec Canada
Used with other means of security, such as stealth tracking software or file encryption and/or password and biometrics authentication, STOP could be the final element to an agency's security system. - Side bar - STOP Laptop Theft


21 Oct 2014

xkcd header password security

With more and more episodes of passwords being leaked - some of the latest ones including Gmail and Dropbox, we thought it would be a good time to bring up some password best practices, along with some tips and tricks.

17 Sep 2014

With his 15 year anniversary with the company, we thought we would ask customer service star Doug Belfiore some questions about the industry, along with his time with us. 

STOP: How have you seen the industry change?